Do a Little (Rain) Dance


Something tremendously exciting happened today! 104_1859My Gutters and Rain Water Barrel were installed!  The down-spout in the front of the house feeds rainwater directly into the barrel for storage.  The front of the barrel has a valve which can be open or closed manually.  There is also a filter in the top to catch debris. Continue reading »


Hail Caesar! Season 2


I am by no means a seasoned gardener.  However, this is My Second Growing Season and I have acquired some knowledge along the way.

Through trial, error, and a lot of research, I have learned which methods work and which do not.

I have had some successes and A LOT of failures.

Last year’s efforts to grow Romaine Lettuce yielded, by my estimation, respectable  results.    This season, I followed the same protocol but reduced the number of plants.


The plants are still small, so this may be the time to try something a little different.


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But There is a Whole Backyard Just Waiting…


As mentioned in the last post, my mom and I have launched a full-scale gardening project for the entirety of the Backyard.  This portion of growing real-estate was not previously utilized because of inferior sunlight exposure.

Because the Front and Side Yards have more than adequate sunshine, I prioritized the cultivation of that ground first.

In a suburban neighborhood, it is unusual to have a large-scale garden encompass the entirety of a Front Lawn.  If you have been following this blog a while, you may remember when its sudden presence caused a bit of a bother.

While maintaining what has already been established is keeping me plenty busy, the need for expansion must be satisfied.  And There is a Whole Backyard Just Waiting, after all.

When creating the Front Yard and Side Yard Gardens, I did not document the step-by-step process to my satisfaction.  Therefore,  I am making amends with a more comprehensive explanation of this new endeavor. Continue reading »


Stopping & Seeing


Sometimes I don’t have an accurate perspective on how far my garden has progressed in the past year.

Seeing it and working in it every day centers my focus on the minutiae. I prioritize mundane, and sometimes tedious, tasks like weeding, pruning, seeding and transplanting.

Taking pictures helps me appreciate its aggregate beauty.



  It’s remarkably fulfilling seeing hard work come to fruition. Continue reading »