But There is a Whole Backyard Just Waiting…


As mentioned in the last post, my mom and I have launched a full-scale gardening project for the entirety of the Backyard.  This portion of growing real-estate was not previously utilized because of inferior sunlight exposure.

Because the Front and Side Yards have more than adequate sunshine, I prioritized the cultivation of that ground first.

In a suburban neighborhood, it is unusual to have a large-scale garden encompass the entirety of a Front Lawn.  If you have been following this blog a while, you may remember when its sudden presence caused a bit of a bother.

While maintaining what has already been established is keeping me plenty busy, the need for expansion must be satisfied.  And There is a Whole Backyard Just Waiting, after all.

When creating the Front Yard and Side Yard Gardens, I did not document the step-by-step process to my satisfaction.  Therefore,  I am making amends with a more comprehensive explanation of this new endeavor. Continue reading »