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Sometimes I don’t have an accurate perspective on how far my garden has progressed in the past year.

Seeing it and working in it every day centers my focus on the minutiae. I prioritize mundane, and sometimes tedious, tasks like weeding, pruning, seeding and transplanting.

Taking pictures helps me appreciate its aggregate beauty.



  It’s remarkably fulfilling seeing hard work come to fruition.


104_1635 104_1633

By taking these photos,  I get to pause and appreciate each plant for its strength, tenacity, beauty, and unique characteristics.


 I love seeing how my front and side yards have changed.


104_1703 104_1730





104_1700 104_1699 104_1669

In pausing, previously overlooked growth is discovered.

Like these grapes!


At this point, they look like tiny olives.


I have tons of grape vines.  Some of them, like this producer, were planted last year.


 I have also added a few new vines recently.


I can’t wait to notice what’s new the next time I force myself to break from the work and actually SEE my garden.  :-)

Speaking of hard work…

Although I did not run, cycle or go to the gym yesterday, I am currently experiencing a serious case of D.O.M.S. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) or “second-day soreness”.

I completed 6+ hours straight of gardening and yard work involving mostly hauling, lifting and shoveling.

My mom and I have launched a major Backyard Gardening Project which could possibly rival the front yard and side yard gardens.

I deeply regret not taking more step-by-step photos of the creation of the Front and Side Yard Gardens, so with the backyard project just getting started, I shall endeavor to pause in between steps to demonstrate the process of creating a garden from its inception.

Thus, these pictures are coming soon!

Do you also find that capturing images helps you to “see” what you’ve accomplished?

Does picture-taking alter your focus?

5 thoughts on “Stopping & Seeing

    • I agree, MG! It’s kind of cheesy, but I feel like the lessons learned in gardening almost always can be applied to life! :-)

      • Just because its cheesy doesn’t mean its wrong!
        The garden really does look amazing and I can’t wait to see it continue to grow over the season!

  1. oh yes!!!!!!!!!
    at the time of taking those “body photos” during my less leaner of stages, it was always for punishment. “look at you, you fat bitch, you’re the biggest freaking slob on earth…”
    and now? i am sooooo happy that i took them because i see how much divine progress i’ve made in the long lean strong department. can’t wait to see the garden from inception pictures. my becky will love to read those posts, as she’s quite the organic gardener! xo

    • Nicole,
      Ha! I was expecting such a reply from you. And you most certainly can see your fitness progress in pictures of yoga, tae bo, etc. :-)
      I am not surprised to learn that Becky gardens. :-) <3

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