Garden Bling

Just when I thought adding one more bag of soil or mulch to my Backyard Gardening Project was an impossibility, a Special Delivery arrived on my driveway, courtesy of my mom.


And some much needed Garden Bling:


Garden Staples are ESSENTIAL when placing weed-block material.  They function as anchors to hold the weed block material down and in place.  Attempting to cover an entire yard with fabric becomes frustrating quickly if you don’t have these on hand.  Imagine trying to set down a beach blanket in just the right spot on a windy day.

I am so very grateful that such tools exist.

My mom’s delivery also included more Pumpkin Seedlings that she sprouted at home.


These were in need of transplanting A.S.A.P.

The other seedlings had already been transplanted into bags of top soil using the “x” and teaspoon method.

104_1837 104_1835104_1761

As I explained in a previous post, utilizing a teaspoon to transplant seedlings when they are still relatively small keeps potential root damage to a minimum.

They seem to be doing well.  They all have grown approximately one inch.

104_1834 104_1833

When I took these photos, I was still adding mulch and repositioning the bags of soil, intending to maximize sunlight exposure.

I can’t seem to get the entire yard in one shot, but you get the idea.

104_1830 104_1829

Unfortunately, it has not been raining the copious amount for which Florida Summers are notorious.  I am going to need to be more diligent in my watering efforts.

Currently, I don’t have any sort of irrigation system in place, but I am getting a Rain Barrel tomorrow and Gutters this weekend.

Needless to say, between this project and keeping up with the Front Yard and Side Yard Gardens, I have been very busy indeed.

Now let’s get some rain already!