Gardening has been an intrinsic part of my Active Battle with Eating Disordered Behaviors.  Connecting with the earth soothes me and contributes significantly to my self-worth.  When I moved into my house, this is what the front yard looked like:

My House Before I Moved In


The front yard gets a great deal of sunlight, ideal for a growing my own food in a Front Yard Garden. 

104_0160 104_0118

104_0117 104_0162104_0166 104_0124

Back when I began this project, there was a small bit of bother.

I went home at lunch one day to let Rennie out and a Channel 9 News van was awaiting my arrival.  A very nice reporter asked if he could interview me about the garden. Most of my neighbors have been very complimentary and supportive of my endeavors.  However, small-minded people object to change, even if it is for the better.  A singular resident complained to the city’s Code Enforcement department, resulting in the news coverage.

To those who have asked why I would  turn my property into my own mini-homestead, my response is simply, Why Not??  I believe that ornamental lawns are a wasteful and narcissistic means for homeowners to “keep up with the Joneses”.  Why not use your front-yard to grow food for your household? Why not have control over what does and does not go on the plants and produce itself? Why not be able to have a yard that is both pretty and life-sustaining?

The irony is that I live in a lower-socioeconomic neighborhood, rife with unkempt lawns, junk cars and assorted debris.  My neighborhood does not have a Homeowner’s Association to control the appearance of the properties, so there are a few gems out there.  At any rate, to view a short news clip of the coverage, please click on the link below.


What do you think of me stirring up controversy in my neighborhood? Would you have been the small-minded tattle-tale of the neighborhood? Would you have been the impetus for change?  What are you doing to reduce the carbon footprint in your corner of the world?


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