Saltandpepperthearth’s focus is on healthy living: mental health issues, disability, eating disorder awareness, an eco-friendly lifestyle, running/fitness related topics, and organic gardening.  I promote my blog posts through various social media. 


I generally create a new promotional/affiliate blog posts with pictures and discussion about once per month & 

regular posts with pictures and discussion about four times per week.

I charge $100 for a sponsored blog post and $100 for week-long social media campaigns.  

Please do not ask me to write a free advertisement blog post for your product or service as I will not respond to your email.  I wouldn’t dream of asking you or anyone else to do their job free of charge.  A request for free ad space and creative campaigning is you communicating to me that my time, work, and service is worth zero dollars.  

I look forward to working with you and promoting your brand, provided it’s in line with our ideals and ethics.  

Affiliate /advertised posts will include pictures & social media to promote including but not limited to:

 Facebook Business/Blog Page and Personal Facebook Page, , Instagram, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.  All social media will contain with your choice of Hash Tags.

 Reminder: I feature sponsored posts once per month, and the rest of the posts are reserved for new blog content and showcasing professionally published pieces.   That being said, if you have a specific time frame in mind, please book early () as spots are limited.  Thanks in advance!   


If you wish to write a guest post on saltandpepperthearth, you may pitch me an idea and I will consider it.  If it is appropriate for the reader audience, I will allow you to include external links for your own website (product, service, or book as it applies to the audience as discussed and determined beforehand with me) as well as your own business social links.  

To pitch me an idea tweet me and let me know you will be emailing me so I know to look for your email.  

Subject line of Email: Guest Post Pitch For  

Interested in promoting products or services relevant to the topics I write about? 

Email me for arrangements and bookings: 


I am always looking for freelance writing opportunities.  If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone, I’d be eternally grateful if you’d consider facilitating an online introduction.

See links to my professionally published articles here: FEATURED ON

and my entire portfolio here:


  • new work.
  • to some of the most popular posts no longer available on this site.  

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You may support this blog by making donations through the PayPal Donation buttons found on this site.  All contributions are welcome and appreciated.  Even $1.00 will help go to the cost of the domain name and host service. Thank you!



Unless otherwise specified, all concepts, ideas, stories, and images are the property of me, Kristen Polito, and  Please do not use any of my photos or any portion of my writing without my express permission.  If I do grant you permission to use a specific excerpt or image, I ask that you source me and provide a hyperlink back to my specific blog post.  Thank you.




  1. Thank you for being real and honest. WE ARE the cohorts who have become misunderstood. Merry Christmas

    • Hey Janny,

      Thanks for reading and commenting so kindly! At least we understand each other. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you, too.

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