Do a Little (Rain) Dance

Something tremendously exciting happened today! 104_1859My Gutters and Rain Water Barrel were installed!  The down-spout in the front of the house feeds rainwater directly into the barrel for storage.  The front of the barrel has a valve which can be open or closed manually.  There is also a filter in the top to catch debris.

104_1858I have been relying heavily on rain to water the Front, Side and Backyard Gardens.  Typical Florida Summertime weather is hot and humid, with an nearly-guaranteed afternoon shower.

However, this season has been uncharacteristically dry and my plants have been very stressed.  Up until now, this has compromised production.  104_1860

Hopefully, with this new addition, I will be able to take advantage of the days when we actually do get some precipitation by storing the water for the more arid of days.

Currently, I do not have anything attached to the spigot.  For the time being, I will manually attach a hose when I want to utilize the stored water.  I am researching Drip-Irrigation methods to allow for a low-pressure, steady source of water.

If I have success using the initial Rain Barrel, my hope is to acquire a secondary barrel to attach to the down-spout in the rear of the house.

I was very fortunate to have someone come out and install the Rain Barrel for me, but if you are interested in trying this yourself, here is a link to an excellent Step-by-Step Guide:

Hopefully, this addition will yield improved production over time.

Now I guess I need to do my rain dance, because these Grape Vines are thirsty!

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