Neat Gardening Tips & Tricks: 2016


Dear Readers, 

This Post was originally written around this time last year.  Since then, I’ve learned a little bit more about gardening and made some cool additions to the front, side and back yards respectively, and I thought I’d update this little post with some things that came into my head today.  So, some of it’s a re-read and some of it’s new.  

My hope is, you’ve acquired a year’s worth of new gardening tips & tricks to share with me! 😉 Kristen 


While I was working in my garden today, I took pictures of the plants that have recently improved, bloomed or yielded crops.  While doing so, I began to think about some of the neat tips and tricks I have learned through my own gardening experiences.  I thought I would share some of that knowledge with you in this post in the event you were considering planting a Spring Garden this year.  Also, if you notice any incorrect information, or have any suggestions for me to try in my own garden, please share as I am continually learning.  

While it would be a boost to my ego for you to just blindly follow my instructions, I will explain why these gardening tips and tricks work.

There are opportunities to improve the quality of the plants in your garden that you may be missing daily!

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Do a Little (Rain) Dance


Something tremendously exciting happened today! 104_1859My Gutters and Rain Water Barrel were installed!  The down-spout in the front of the house feeds rainwater directly into the barrel for storage.  The front of the barrel has a valve which can be open or closed manually.  There is also a filter in the top to catch debris. Continue reading »