New Beginnings


The weather was amazing today with a high of 82 degrees and sun.  Needless to say, the majority of it was spent outside.  I accomplished a respectable amount of work in my front yard garden, weeding and prepping rows for this season’s Romaine Lettuce.

Last year, I only maintained one row of Romaine.


104_0088It performed so well that I deeply regretted not devoting more garden real estate to its proliferation.

This year, two full rows are being allotted to the leafy greens.

To prepare the soil, I removed the mulch cover and stray weeds, then tilled up the earth underneath.  Following that, I added layers of green compost material, cow manure and topsoil.


Because we are safely past the danger of frost, I felt comfortable planting the seeds directly into the top layer.

While weeding in other areas of the garden, I was pleased to discover two rogue herbs.

A Cilantro plant:

104_1312And a Purple Basil plant:

104_1317Isn’t it beautiful?

104_1315Cilantro and Basil are my favorite herbs to utilize in cooking, so I really lucked out!

Another pleasing sight was one of my little citrus trees, covered in blooms.


My indoor seedlings are progressing nicely; the tomatoes are now about 4 inches tall and the bell-peppers are finally beginning to surface.

104_1303Tomorrow is expected to be clear and warm once more, so it will be much of the same tomorrow.

What do you have planned for this week?




Valentine’s Day Nostalgia


From as far back as my memory allows, Valentine’s Day has consistently borne a great deal of significance to me.

In elementary school, I relished the activity of constructing a personalized “mailbox” that would allow classmates to “send” me cards and candy.

Then there was the shopping trip with my mother to select the box of cards that I would be sending out.  I have always had trouble making decisions, especially when presented with many choices.  This particular errand was a true testament to her patience as I painstakingly deliberated over the selections.

In my childish estimation, my card selection was the utmost important decision I would make in all of February, if not the entire school year!

Which design??

Did I want The Little Mermaid or Garfield?

Wait, they have ones with yellow lab puppies! And New kids on the Block!!

What did the cards say?

Did at the least one of the cards in the box communicate the precise sentiment to send (fill-in-the-blank) with whom I was currently “in love”?? Continue reading »


Spring Fever & Special Requests


Typically, my posts assume the voice of first-person narrative.  I don’t normally address readers directly, but I have a special request for you today. As an Amazon Associate, I get a tiny kickback anytime my readers make a purchase on if they end up there via my site. So if you happen to be purchasing anything from Amazon, please visit my site first and click on any Amazon advertisement. That’s all you have to do!

Thank you in advance for your support and readership.

Moving on to more pressing matters, like Spring Garden Planning! Continue reading »


Adventures in Solids-Free Cooking


My last post, under the guise of weekend activity documentation,  was essentially just a laundry list of complaints.

I bemoaned my painful, healing mouth and my aching hip: a deadly combination which prevents me from enjoying the pleasures of solid food and running.

My chief grievance, however, was that subsisting solely on yogurt, oatmeal and applesauce was getting mundane.  The most creative effort on my part has been making fruit smoothies.

I desperately miss my vegetables!

So I have started experimenting in the kitchen with Solids-Free cooking.  Incidentally, my efforts were Gluten-Free as well. Continue reading »