Weekend Meals & Non-Miles

As you know, since having my dental work last weekend, my diet has consisted strictly of liquids and soft foods.

Since both chicken broth and quinoa work within those restrictions, I tried cooking some organic quinoa on the stovetop for the first time.


My mom bought me a new pot.  Isn’t it pretty?


Cooking with the broth rather than water yielded a much tastier quinoa.  I highly recommend it!  


I have also been eating copious amounts of Greek yogurt.  I prefer having a supply of the plain version on hand because it is so versatile.  It can be used in sweet or savory applications, like Healthy Honey Mustard, smoothies and desserts.  It is also great mixed in oatmeal or on its own.

 Yoplait has their own flavors now, so I am trying them out.


Having such a limited diet is becoming mundane, so I  am looking for more ideas of soft or liquid foods to eat as my mouth heals.  Suggestions are welcome!

I have officially launched Springtime Garden Preparation, with transplanting and weeding being the priority.  Since we are about six weeks out from warm weather, I went ahead and my potted Organic Tomato and Bell Pepper seeds indoors.


Getting them ready now will allow the seedlings to become strong enough for transplanting to the front yard in March.

Moving on to another subject, the Running Moratorium continues.

The pain in my left leg and hip seems to be growing worse and it has traveled up to the left side of my lower back.  I am wondering if the inflammation is causing a nerve to be pinched?

I hope it is something minor, but in the back of my mind I suspect a stress fracture (or fractures).  This is a real possibility for me because, over the years, I have sustained several stress fractures: right calcaneal (heel) fracture, left calcaneal (heel) fracture and multiple fractures in my right hip.  It is so classic Female Athlete Triad, it’s embarrassing.  This is what happens when you combine years of malnutrition with years of overtraining.

Looking at the positive side of my injury, my mom pointed out that the break does allow me more time and physical energy to work in my yard.

She also directed me to  which claims that too much mileage can be detrimental to the body, and not just in the form of over-use injuries.  The article references a paper which was recently published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, which suggests that intense mileage doesn’t do much to improve cardiovascular health.  In fact, it went on to say that too much exercise can actually compromise the cardiovascular system.  There seems to be a kind of “law of diminishing returns” where running is concerned.  (My Economics background emerges!) Interesting theory, but I am not convinced of this.

Regardless, I am sidelined from solid food and running, so for now it is Applesauce and Gardening 24/7.  :-)

What are you up to this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Meals & Non-Miles

  1. This post made me think of the vegan oatmeal on the hot food bar at whole foods. It always tempts me, but I never get it! Oh how delicious that would be for your condition, I think. A lovely pot… I recently bought one (it’s soooo small and cute), completely stainless, and Becky grilled me afterward to ensure that it was, indeed, completely stainless. She muttered something about anything else being unhealthy because of chemicals. OH BECKY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha! That sounds like something she would say. Yes, I have been eating oatmeal too. You really should get brave at Whole Foods and give that hot bar a try! :-)

  3. I would be eating tons of soups-I make a really simple one just cooking down broccoli in swanson broth then blending it and adding a little butter and milk until I get a desired taste and consistency. Knowing how you like broccoli you might like something like that. No real recipe, just sort of do it to taste (I know that’s probably not too helpful but its a jumping off point).
    The same recipe also works with cauliflower too.
    Maybe you could also roast some carrots until they’re really soft and even mash them a bit?
    Having any sort of mouth pain really is the worst! Hopefully you’ll heal soon!

    Does the pain in your hip respond to stretching?

  4. Hey MG!
    Great suggestions. I just stocked up on a bunch of frozen broccoli, cauliflower and spinach along with soup stock, so I will be experimenting. You have inspired me! :-)
    As for the hip, I have been stretching and foam-rolling a lot. That seems to help ease the pain on certain days. Other days, it just aches like the dickens. :-/

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