New Beginnings

The weather was amazing today with a high of 82 degrees and sun.  Needless to say, the majority of it was spent outside.  I accomplished a respectable amount of work in my front yard garden, weeding and prepping rows for this season’s Romaine Lettuce.

Last year, I only maintained one row of Romaine.


104_0088It performed so well that I deeply regretted not devoting more garden real estate to its proliferation.

This year, two full rows are being allotted to the leafy greens.

To prepare the soil, I removed the mulch cover and stray weeds, then tilled up the earth underneath.  Following that, I added layers of green compost material, cow manure and topsoil.


Because we are safely past the danger of frost, I felt comfortable planting the seeds directly into the top layer.

While weeding in other areas of the garden, I was pleased to discover two rogue herbs.

A Cilantro plant:

104_1312And a Purple Basil plant:

104_1317Isn’t it beautiful?

104_1315Cilantro and Basil are my favorite herbs to utilize in cooking, so I really lucked out!

Another pleasing sight was one of my little citrus trees, covered in blooms.


My indoor seedlings are progressing nicely; the tomatoes are now about 4 inches tall and the bell-peppers are finally beginning to surface.

104_1303Tomorrow is expected to be clear and warm once more, so it will be much of the same tomorrow.

What do you have planned for this week?



4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Thanks Nicole! I don’t own a juicer, but I want one! Maybe I will get one once the crops get plentiful. :-)

    P.S. Don’t forget this Friday: 3rd Season House of Cards!!! Ahhh I am so excited! :-)

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