The Elusiveness of R.E.M.


One very unpleasant manifestation of Bipolar Disorder is the symptom of Sleep Disturbance.

In the same extreme manner which characterizes other behaviors, my sleep has deteriorated to an pattern of all or nothing. I am either awake for days on end or I over-sleep, losing between 16 and 24 hours.

Moreover, when I do get sleep it is of inferior quality; I awaken expressly devoid of refreshment or rejuvenation.  There is almost certainly no R.E.M. happening. I can’t seem to get on track.

In an attempt to coax my unwilling mind into a calmer, less hectic state, I am seeking relief with tea.


Tea animated emoticonThis is my first experience with kava and valerian root combined which, according to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, have sedative properties when taken together.


This is also my first experience with loose tea.

104_2129Personally, I think it looks identical to potpourri and, to be honest, tastes just how I’d imagine a perfumed medley of dried petals and spices might.

104_2130Because the blend is loose, I am straining it with a filter prior to drinking.

As a supplementary measure, I am fully stocked with calming Chamomile tea which, on its own, has historically aided in reducing some anxiety, but has not sedated me to the point of all-out slumber.

sleeping hello kitty emoticon
Although similarly floral, I find Chamomile more palatable that the kava and valerian root blend.

104_2167104_2059104_1292 104_1262sleeping hello kitty emoticon

(This blend of Yogi Tea has kava but also contains cinnamon and sarsaparilla which make the tea quite delicious).


And let’s not forget my all-time-favorite, limited edition, which contains Stevia Leaf & raspberry!  I know my brain needs sleep, so I am willing to forgo the yummier teas, until I have improved my Sleep Cycle.  

Why Your Brain Needs Sleep.  104_0656


Have you ever struggled with Sleep Disturbance? 

How did you overcome it?



The Scoop on Skoop


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