Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness month.

AUTISMAWARE2That fact should be significant to everyone as the prevalence in the United States is estimated at 1 in 68 births.  This means it is extremely likely that your own life will be touched in some way by an individual on the Autism Spectrum.

Autism exists within my own family.  My two youngest siblings, Mark and Aaron, have severe Autism.  They are school-age and non-verbal.    You can check out my Autism 101 post for basic information on Autism Spectrum Disorder.


On their website, The Autism Society states that “National Autism Awareness Month represents an excellent opportunity to promote autism awareness, autism acceptance and to draw attention to the tens of thousands facing an autism diagnosis each year”. 

Here Are Ways to Help:

#AutismUniquelyYOU – Celebrating the Uniqueness in Us All!
Be unique, be you! #AutismUniquelyYou is a month-long social media campaign celebrating self-identity and acceptance and appreciation for how each of us does our part to make the world a better place for autism. It’s a simple concept – hand painting for a cause and raising awareness for the Autism Society. The campaign encourages people to paint their hands, make a video or take a picture of a unique product, share it on social media, urge others to do the same! Share our how-to video with your friends and collaborators.

Put on the Puzzle! The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most recognized symbol of the autism community in the world. Autism prevalence is now one in every 68 children in America. Show your support for people with autism by wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon – as a pin on your shirt, a magnet on your car, a badge on your blog, or even your Facebook profile picture – and educate folks on the potential of people with autism! To learn more about the Autism Awareness Ribbon, click here. To purchase the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon for your shirt, car, locker or refrigerator, click here.

Connect with your neighborhood. Many Autism Society local affiliates hold special events in their communities throughout the month of April. But if you can’t find an event that suits you just right, create your own!

Watch a movie. Did you know that something that seems as simple as going to the movies is not an option for many families affected by autism? The Autism Society is working with AMC Theatres to bring special-needs families Sensory Friendly Films every month.

Donate to the Autism Society: Help improve the lives of all impacted by autism with a financial gift to the Autism Society. Every dollar raised by the Autism Society allows us to improve the capabilities and services of our over 100 nationwide affiliates, provide the best national resource database and contact center specializing in autism, and increase public awareness about autism and the day-to-day issues faced by individuals with ASD and their families.

How is your life affected by Autism? Do you know someone on the Spectrum? How are you increasing awareness?

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National Autism Awareness Month


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