Skoop Product Review Coming!

I had something exciting waiting in my mailbox today!


My Skoop package arrived!


Skoop is a line of powdered, whole-food sourced super nutrition by Healthy Skoop.

I am partnering up with them to provide a product review.

Their slogan:
It’s how mother nature does performance enhancement. 

Their ingredients are organic, non-GMO and whole-food based.  A match made in heaven, I think!

My Sample Box contains everything I need to take their 5-Day Challenge:

A-Game Super Greens Mix:

  • Whole food, plant-based greens powder
  • A super way to jumpstart your day
  • Antioxidant level of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables to protect against damaging free radicals
  • Phytonutrients and micronutrients provide natural energy
  • Adaptogenic herbs minimize and buffer stress and fatigue
  • Probiotics and fiber promote digestive health


B-Strong Protein Mix

  • Whole food, plant-based protein powder
  • Great as a post-workout recovery shake or healthy snack
  • 16 grams of brown rice and pea proteins provided essential amino acids (a complete protein) promote lean muscle and quick recovery
  • Prebiotic fiber to help aid digestion by nourishing healthy digestive bacteria
  • 50% your micronutrient RDI, 50% of your vitamin RDI, 50% vitamin and mineral RDI

Feel free to click on the picture below to view the Nutrition Facts clearly:



For my Product Review, I am planning on trying A-Game and B-Strong in different ways:

  • Before a work-out vs. after a work-out
  • Seperately vs. Together
  • Blended in a Smoothie vs. Mixed in the Shaker Bottle with Water or Milk

By next weekend, I will be able to tell you what I think and how I feel!


Do you regularly consume supplemental nutrition in a liquid form? If so, what brands?

Did you get anything fun in the mail today?

When did getting snail-mail and packages become like Christmas??

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