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Dr. Candy Crush, Dogs, & Triggers


 I saw my psychiatrist today for a medication management appointment.  Yes, Dr. Candy Crush, again. 

In her defense, she was actually pretty focused today.  

I attribute this mainly to the brevity of the appointment and the fact that I came straight in, disregarded the usual pleasantries, and immediately stated my request.  I’m growing fairly certain she’s ADHD.  

Although, the perpetual communication breakdown probably lies with me.  I’m the patient and am therefore, the affected one.  

Hard-knuckling through a bi-monthly face-to-face of endless, repetitive droning about my *horrible life cognition* has got to be brutal, whether her time’s compensated or not.   I mean, who would sit, hands steepled, transfixed, while I regale them with fresh hell from neuron-to-synapse-to-mouth?

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The Scoop on Skoop


Last week, I mentioned that HealthySkoop was kind enough to send me some of their products for a review.  I received A-Game, which is a Superfoods powder and B-Strong, a highly nutritious protein powder.


Skoop is made with 100% organic fruits, veggies, greens, fibers, herbs, honey, flavors, and stevia extract.  They are Plant and Whole-foods based and strictly non-GMO! Continue reading »