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A friend recently posted a link to this article on my personal Facebook Page, explaining that it made her think of me. The article entitled, This is What Happens When You Decide To Create Your Own Food Security, argues that the standard American lawn is actually incredibly wasteful and not necessarily aesthetically pleasing.

Overwhelmingly beautiful, this is the front yard featured in the article:

Real Farmacy(source)

The article’s author points out, “Anyone who might complain about a front yard garden may want to consider the neighbor’s inedible yards beforehand”. That’s exactly what I ‘ve been saying! If you have followed my blog since its inception, or if you’ve read through the archives, you may remember this post in which I wrote of my own neighborhood debacle. People were complaining about the appearance of my front yard because, shortly after I moved in, it went from looking like this: 29_V4646009_0_1387856057_636x435

To looking like this:

104_01681104_0117104_0124104_0166104_0118 I will be the first to admit that the news clip is lame, but it is my one recent (positive) bit of notoriety. Reading this article only contributes to my growing anticipation of the Spring planting season like I wrote about here.  It’s still too early to start planting, but we are down to 64 days until the first day of Spring.  As a rule, you want to plant seeds outdoors 3 to 5 weeks before the last spring frost date.  Scrolling through their beautiful photos of fresh produce, I have major harvest envy.  lawn-garden33 lawn-garden14


I can only home that articles like on inspires others to look to their front lawns as a very viable garden locale option. Are you planning any sort of Spring garden on a large or small scale? What is your favorite fresh produce?

2 thoughts on “Real Farm-acy

  1. I may be biased given my background with urban farming but I think the “after” shots of your yard are so much more beautiful and interesting than the grass that was there when you moved in.
    I think so often people get bogged down in what is expected and think that things that vary from that aren’t desirable. I also agree that growing food in your yard is a much more useful use of the space than just having grass for the majority of people.
    I can’t wait to see what your front yard looks like this spring when the plants start coming up!

  2. Thanks MG! You are kinda biased, but that’s alright with me! :-) I am so very anxious to get my planting going for this season! :-)

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