The Jewish Side

For the past week, temperatures have been unseasonably warm.  When I went running today, it was nearly 78 degrees outside!

I incorporated the Dunlawton Bridge in today’s workout.  I was recently inspired to reintroduce inclines back  into my workouts.  When I was living in Tallahassee, I kept in great racing condition from hill running, and I want to work towards that level of fitness now that I am at a stable weight.

Despite the warm weather, I have been feeling festive by participating Holiday Festivities like I mentioned in this post. 

But it has not been just about honoring the Christmas holiday.  My stepfamily is Jewish, so I attended a Hanukkah party on Saturday night hosted by my dad and stepmom.

It was a lot of fun!

The House was decorated:


The Menorah was Lit:


Traditional Jewish Food was served, including homemade Latkes and Brisket:

Plus: Roasted Brussels Sprouts, which are my latest veggie obsession.


And Hanukkah “Gelt” was opened and enjoyed!


I am grateful that my blended family is culturally diverse and that I can participate in a variety of family traditions.

What family traditions are you enjoying this holiday season?