Weekend Meals & Miles

Running an aggregate 31.5 miles over a 3-day span takes fuel.

Fuel= These Yummy Meals:


I have been doing a lot better about consuming more food throughout the day.  Also, I am becoming more comfortable with being (and staying) full.104_0637

 Yep, I am eating at a restaurant here, believe it or not…further evidence of my efforts to fight depression.  I am trying to chew and pose at the same time; hence the creepy smile.

To keep warm in this brutal Florida wintertime, I have been enjoying copious amounts of hot tea:


Yes, that is and it is pink and delicious.  I believe pink tea should only be consumed from a girly, iconic mug.

So that’s my last few days vis-à-vis meals and miles.  :-)

How was your weekend?





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