The Bleak Mid-Winter

For the past two months, I have been struggling with a significant Depressive Episode.  A Depressive Episode is an unavoidable phase of the Bipolar Cycle and, for me, it manifests itself through feelings of irritability, anxietyemptiness and hopelessness

I have also really been struggling with self-worth, concentrating and making decisions

To counteract that badness inside, I have been running a lot of miles and consuming Dopamine-Increasing and Anxiety-Reducing foods, like this yummy stir-fry here:


Green Bell Pepper, Zucchini, Purple Onion, Garlic, Black Pepper and Coconut Oil.

I have also been embracing the Holiday Season with both arms.  I have attended some amazing Christmas festivities.

CrossRoads Baptist Church is where I attend my Addiction Support Group, now that I am an “outpatient”.  Every year, they present a guided tour called Walk Through Bethlehem.  It is freaking amazing, complete with live animals.  They even had a camel! These pictures were taken on a phone at night and they do not do the event justice.

10830915_393075284184569_7441105888111886111_o 10396277_393075340851230_1440229734848250105_n 1724929_393075204184577_9020781105044872722_n10805735_393075130851251_1720470257861998030_n1908148_393075377517893_8407407742503802576_n10407134_393075220851242_3992173377182089022_n10150569_393075347517896_1051789272875240563_n


I also attended The Living Christmas Tree event at White Chapel Church with my next-door neighbor.


We decided to rock the optional 3-D glasses for this photo opportunity:


He does a pretty good “Blue Steel”.

Other Christmas festivities have included attending a performance of A Tiny Miracle With a Fiber-Optic Unicorn at The Daytona Playhouse.

The fact that I have attended so many social events in a relatively short period of time is evidence of two things:

1.) My tolerance for social interaction is improving


2.) I am trying really, really hard.

Along with the above-mentioned efforts, knowing that this Depressive Phase will pass does help a bit.

Also helpful is seeing Martha Stewart’s fantastic effort in creating a .


I can’t.  Deal with this.

3 thoughts on “The Bleak Mid-Winter

  1. Glad to see you’re doing better. :)
    As a fellow DA lover I am very impressed by that gingerbread house!
    Are you looking forward to the new season starting up in January?

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