“Scale”-ing Back

On this very rainy Sunday, it was my intention to write about scales; the medical variety.

Instead, I have decided to announce a serious scaling back in terms of blogging.

For a short period of time, posts will be limited to very light and fun updates:

  • Preparing for my Spring Garden

  • Refreshing my Running and Cycling workouts with Pilates!

  • The weekly progress of my Writing Project :-)

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So the blog has not, and will not, be going anywhere.

I’m just shifting my focus to offline work for now.  The blog is for fun updates and to stay connected throughout the project.

Thank you for sticking with me.


Next Week:  Later this Month: promise.

How to grow your own Avocados at home.  



4 thoughts on ““Scale”-ing Back

  1. You’ve gotta do what works for you-I love all the garden pictures and I look forward to hearing about your off line writing projects!

  2. MG,
    I have been trying so hard to keep up with both, but it’s impossible. Also, I found myself wanting to share everything from the writing project publicly and things were coming out disjointed and out of order.

    I think it will be worth the time taken off. It’s definitely temporary! I’ll still be posting once a week. Fun stuff! Are you watching Downton or the Debate tonight or neither? I won’t be watching any Downton until my brother visits and he, my mom and I can watch a few saved up. 😀

  3. I wasn’t home to watch either but I will be catching up on my Downton sometime this week and I’ve been reading up on issues from the debate.
    Random fact-I’ve run into Chelsea Clinton a few times in the neighborhood (I’ve never said anything to her though, it feels like it would be too intrusive when she’s out and about just doing her personal life).

  4. That is both random and neat!!!

    I would not say anything to her either; she probably gets hassled so often. My mom theorizes that she’ll be our first female POTUS, but I think her momma’s got a good chance. 😉 ***Thus concludes my political commentary.***

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