MyWeekend! MyOatmeal!

Some great things happened today!

First of all, the sun finally decided to come out.  It has been cold and rainy all week, which has made it challenging to get outside and run.  My fellow running bloggers have been griping about the winter weather forcing them to retreat indoors for treadmill workouts.  Ah, if only! 

I, unfortunately, do not have access to a treadmill, so it’s either brave the elements or no running at all.  I depend on my running workouts to stay sane so it has been a cold, wet week for me…until today! It was sunny and a little bit warmer so I enjoyed just over ten miles at a relaxed pace.

I also worked in my front yard garden and Rennie joined me.  She chose to bask in the sun rather than toil with me, but I didn’t mind.  I love her companionship.  I missed her so much when I was unable to care for her during the Summer and Early Fall.

Another great thing that happened is I received my Specialized Oatmeal from! Hooray!


My specialized order included 2 bags of Oatmeal and 1 bag of PB Lean that I designed myself using their interactive online ordering process at


The ordering process allows you to select your oat type, flavor, add-ins like nuts or dried fruit, optional proteins and your sweetener of choice.  I was overwhelmed impressed by the amount of available options.  Their ingredients are Non-GMO and they offer vegan protein options as well as gluten-free oats!104_1030For my first bag, I selected Oatmeal Cookie flavored Quick-Cooking Oats.  I added dark raisins (because obviously) and Greek Yogurt Powder for a protein boost.  I was really pleased to see Greek Yogurt listed as a protein option, as I eat some nearly every day! I chose to sweeten this bag with Sucralose, but I really wavered between that and the Monk Fruit option.  Maybe next time I will get more adventurous and try Monk Fruit as my sweetener of choice.

(By the way, once you have created your oatmeal blend, you get to chose your “label”.  As you can see, I was not terribly creative here.  I think I was kind of burned-out from all the choices at this point.)


My next oatmeal creation involved 5 Grain Rolled Oats with the Sugar Cookie flavor.  Are you seeing the cookie-trend here? Don’t judge me; I like cookies!  I want to have cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I chose not to complicate this bag with add-ins because I want to try adding this to some of my baking recipes.  Like cookies.  104_1042Last, but not least, we have the PB Lean! This product is a dehydrated peanut butter powder that has 85% less calories from fat, but still contributes a boost of protein.  You can mix it with any liquid you want: water, yogurt, milk, honey, jams, protein shakes, etc.  You can also bake with it.  See the instructions above regarding cookies?

Because, cookies.

So there you have it: some good things happening to start the weekend off right.  At some point next week, I will be reporting my opinions on the Oatmeal selections and the PB Lean powder.  In the meantime, you can check out’s website to view all their product offerings.

Now, I am going to go eat some eggs:


and Brussel sprouts:


and cookies.  :-)


What good things are happening during your weekend?

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