Growing Vertically

Small-Space Gardening isn’t a new concept, but a lot of would-be gardeners forget that it is a viable option. Truly, no space is too small for growing food. 104_0225 If you think that you are limited in your gardening endeavors because you live in an apartment or because your yard is microscopic, take heart! 104_0323

You can grow in containers:


Photo Credit: Irene Florez,

Photo Credit: Irene Florez,

or window boxes:


Photo Credit: Saxon Holt,


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

inside buckets:


or wheelbarrows:


Photo Credit: Jerry Pavia,

 …really anywhere!


Photo Credit: Vertical Veg/Sarah Cuttle,

Mother Earth News has a great article and slideshow covering small-space gardening.  I started googling images for small-space gardening and the results included some pretty neat vertical gardening ideas.

I have plenty of room in my front yard garden for planting, but I wanted to use every space available.

I was inspired to create my very own Vertical Herb Garden.



Here’s how I began:

Sorting Seeds/Planning:  


Adding Soil/Planting Seeds to your container of choice:

(I repurposed an over-the-door shoe organizer)


Add Water and Sunshine…then:


What do you think of my Small-Space gardening? Which method will work best for your home garden?


2 thoughts on “Growing Vertically

  1. I love that you repurposed a shoe organizer into a vertical garden.
    I have no outdoor space these days but I do have some sunny indoor window space and this is a good reminder that I could be using that for some herbs or potted plants.

    • Well, there you go, MG! I am envious of your sunny windows. The windows in my house don’t really get much sunlight streaming in.

      Get those herbs growing and send me pictures! I will feature you in a post. :-)

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