Work & Play Weekend #1: Expansion

Earlier this week, I was confronted with the dilemma of having exhausted the planting real estate in my Front Yard.  So what’s a girl to do? Well, move to the Side Yard of course!   The front yard has ideal sunlight, but the side’s exposure is not too shabby (or shady) either.


When I originally cleared the Front Yard, I used a Rototiller, rented from a local Equipment Supply Company.  The tiller was gas-powered, but handling it is no joke.  If I did not have quadzilla legs and my dad splitting the labor with me,  I may not have made it!

Recommended:  Unless you have Babe the Blue Ox on your payroll,  you will want to:

1.) Eat your Wheaties and 2.) Have a Dad-Type Person helping you


  Dad-Type Person Using a Tiller:  Alys Clancy’s Garden Guide, 1988

Today’s project  was approached with sheer will and brute strength while yielding a garden hoe.  Tilling by hand is much more labor-intensive and time consuming, but quite feasible if the area is reasonably sized.

In progress:

 Tilling up Silly Grass


Creating Rows


        Utilizing Organic Mulch

While looking at my Side Yard,  I have to remind myself that the Front Yard once looked equally desolate after tilling, and that my plants will be sprouting up soon.  the Side Yard is now mainly devoted to  Fall Crops, Perennials,  Herbs and Fruit Trees.  The seedlings that are expected to mature in the fall include Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower and Squash.


Here are some fun things I am enjoying this weekend:



Strawberries in a Fruit Salad!

104_0308 104_0310

Gardening Books and Fresh Cut flowers!


Rennie’s valiant attempts to stay awake!


                                      So Sleepy

What are you enjoying this weekend?

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