Transplanting Time!

Nearly two weeks have passed since my last post: the combined result of computer issues and staying busy with transplanting seedlings.

All of my Sunflower Seedlings have been successfully relocated into the front yard.  About 3/4 of them appear as though they will make it through the shock of transplanting, which is encouraging.

I have worked through transplanting all of my Bell Pepper Seedlings and about half of the Tomato Sprouts.  I am less optimistic about these little ones.  Unfortunately, the weather has been so hot and dry that they seem to have withered almost as soon as I got them into the ground.

In the last week, I sprouted Yellow Squash and Broccoli Sprouts indoors, which are ready to go outside:

104_1346 Broccoli Spouts:

104_1357Growing towards the sunlight:


Yellow Squash:

104_1354 104_1351

These sprouts look very similar to the Sunflower Seedlings:


The Romaine seeds which I sowed directly into outside rows are not doing well.  The majority appear to have washed away, so I may sprout the remaining seeds indoors and see if I have better luck via the transplant method.

Attainable Sustainable recently posted a fantastic article on gardening in small spaces.  The author discussed using space as efficiently as possible and prioritizing specific crops based on expected yield, preference/consumption and past performance when utilizing garden real estate.

The author mentioned bag gardening, which I have as yet experimented with.

Their driveway happens to be the sunniest spot in their front yard.  I haven’t driven in over a year (and the vehicle in my driveway is going to the scrapyard in a matter of days), so I am really excited about getting to use my drive way as an extension of My Garden.

I am excited to replicate this image here:


What traditional and non-traditional methods are you employing in your Spring Garden this year?

4 thoughts on “Transplanting Time!

  1. It’s finally warm enough for me to clear a bed in my garden, Only 7 more to go. But I have mostly perennial flowers. However I try to grow a few spices. Gardening takes s lot of energy. You go Kristen!

  2. Hey Aunt Prudie!
    That’s awesome that you grow flowers and herbs. I guess the snow has stopped for the time being. :-) Gardening is a full-time job, for real…the weeds never rest. :-) Love you!

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