Patience & Pineapples



I just walked outside and picked my own organically grown pineapple!

IMG_2398 IMG_2401 Want to learn how to do the same? Then check out this article I wrote for Tribe Magazine.

I’ve got a total of six pineapple plants which produced this summer. So far, two of them have ripened enough to eat and enjoy.  This one is the second in line.  

The very first one had a great big bite in the side by a rather discerning squirrel or bird…or it could have been a vegan feral cat, but I doubt it.   Because a portion of the first one got eaten, I learned my lesson and wrapped netting around the other five to prevent future uninvited dinner guests. Check it out:


I used tomato cages and small-knit netting that I had on hand from last year’s berries. So far, it’s worked well.  I only had this netting up for a few days.  It’s rained a couple of times and held up through some windy weather also.

After picking this one today, I’m now waiting on four more to ripen.  They should be ready by August’s end, maybe even earlier by the way the Florida sun is baking us this summer!



To further discourage birds and squirrels, homemade foil squares tied near the fruit make loud, crinkly noises and flash in the sunlight when an animal lays its paws or claws on its quarry.  This really helped with the figs that I was having trouble hanging onto:

IMG_2375IMG_2373 IMG_2235

The pineapples do take a while before they produce.  Patience is required!  But they required such little maintenance once you plant them, they pretty much take care of themselves.  I encourage you to give it a try, ESPECIALLY if you are here in Florida or a similar climate.  


Another plant which takes a bit of patience (but not much maintenance) is an avocado tree.  Sprouting an avocado pit takes time and persistence.  I began this little Haas avocado tree by first germinating the pit in a container of water on my kitchen counter forever  about a month.

I followed up with the next one I consumed to ensure cross-pollination between the three Haas plants in my yard because I’d started with just the large Florida avocado tree which started out as a homegrown avocado pit itself! 



The avocado pit progress takes about six weeks.  The avocado pit begins to split on its own in the water.  Be sure to change the water regularly.  (It will evaporate and also get gross and moldy if you don’t change it.)  I just use room temperature tap water.  Make sure the entire pit is submerged in the water.

As the germination progresses, the roots will begin to emerge and a miniature tree will actually sprout up on the other end!

Remember, I have a super detailed step-by-step guide here if you want more specific instructions.

It’s always good to have a plan. 🙂 

Thinking of one last summer project before back to school time? How about a small gardening project? It can be done in containers, on your patio, porch, or balcony, even your rooftop! Or you could go the traditional route and plant right in your backyard!


And remember, you can plant ANYTIME OF YEAR.  I put together an article for Tribe Magazine that is just perfect for novice gardeners and children.  Anyone can grow stuff! Promise!  Check it out: Here!


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